Quadrophonica exists to remind you of all the mid-tempo 70's balladry that you forgot you remembered. They play the songs that conjure bell-bottomed ghosts of barely recalled one-night stands in borrowed conversion vans, stirring up bittersweet memories of lost loves, roach ends and bad mustaches with every saccharine chord change, every maudlin repeat chorus... every gloriously wussy musical moment the 70's ever spawned.

Tirelessly scanning the 70's Billboard 100 charts for cool sonic nuggets to serve up hot to the Wuss rock enthusiast, Quadrophonica entertains with an irresistible combination of nostalgia, musicianship and lush harmony, taking you back to a simpler time when gas was cheaper and soft rock was really, really soft. So soft, in fact, that the songs had to be played on AM radio (to ensure maximum softness). If you fondly remember hearing the call for "all skate" as an England Dan and John Ford Coley number oozed forth from a speaker stack, or if you recall the almost aromatic mellowness of Roy Leonard introducing a Charlie Rich ballad, then let Quadrophonica sweep you away into that summer breeze of 70's reminiscin'... so airy and precious you'll reach fruitlessly for a can of Billy Beer that exists only in your longing for a bygone era.

Quadrophonica is available for all events, including (but not limited to) office parties, corporate events, wedding receptions, galas, soirees, fetes, street fairs, state fairs, the renaissance fair, debutante balls, inaugurations, concession speeches, commencement ceremonies, presidential funerals, chili cook-offs, labor strikes, municipal gatherings, and Super Bowl halftime shows.

For bookings please contact: Bob Ness at quad@quadrophonica.com

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